Sending the Baby Off to College

A week ago tomorrow I dropped the finalized draft of  my dissertation in the mail to my committee chair. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with myself ever since. Although I’ve never had the experience myself, I imagine that this must be a bit what sending a child off to college is like. I have high hopes for this project. I’ve nurtured it the best I knew how and, I’m sure, there are things I could have done to make it better. I’m sure there are ways that I have neglected its needs as well as ways that I have exceeded expectations. All of this is true, but now I have sent it out to fly on its own.  This made me think about the Disney Parks commercial campaign with the “real” family memories. So I watched it again, and a line caught my attention this time that I don’t think I’d noted before. The commercial says:

“Disney memories are magic things that you can hang on to for all time…Disney memories keep our children young in our hearts for all time and color our tomorrows with the best of our yesterdays.”

This really expresses the point I was making in my chapter 2. Now, perhaps more than ever, we all need this kind of magic. Perhaps, now more than ever, I need to reinvent joy and reinvest in happiness. So, yeah, in the midst of my uncertainty, as I wait for news regarding the status of my dissertation “coed,” I’m going to Disneyland.

And, by the way, Happy Halloween!


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