Metaphor, Metaphor, Metaphor :P

Hello dear readers,

I’ve been working away on this whole dissertation thingie (oh yeah, that old thing…). Immersed in the midst of the dark wood was a bit daunting for a while, but it seems to me that it is just the nature of this thing.

NEWho, I’m working on my chapter 2, which is shaping up to be a chapter on performance ritual from stage to film to theme park and depth psychological reflections on such. Interesting breakthroughs have been coming my way lately regarding the project as a whole, so I thought I would capture them in my blog before they flitted away like so many others have in the past.

Pilgrimage: I have struggled for quite a while now regarding this project’s relationship to the whole pilgrimage question. It was suggested to me, sometimes gently, sometimes not so much, that pilgrimage should actually be the firm foundation of the project. Well, I have finally figured out the relationship of pilgrimage to this project. It is NOT the focus, in so far as it needs to be laid out as the number one grounding topic in the thesis. However, a chapter 2 on pilgrimage is completely appropriate. I am actually talking about pilgrimage, but using it as a quasi-metaphor. In order to talk about pilgrimage from the point of view of the Myth and Depth Psych disciplines, the word pilgrimage needs to expand from a simple one to one definition. So, talking about pilgrimage as a state of psyche, and the soul’s need to turn to pilgrimage is a wonderful jumping off point for this first content chapter.

Chapter 3, which was originally going to be chapter 2 will now be a focused juxtaposition of theater and film in order to develop consider the origins of the theme park experience as transformation (the journey to the otherworld). I like it…From Stage to Screen to Theme Park. This leads nicely to…

Chapter 4, which will consider the content of the place itself in reference to the traditions of icon and spectacle.

Chapter 5-underworld

Chapter 6 Renewal

nuff said for structure at present. The biggest AHA of the day was not really an aha as much as a reminder. As I’m a myth studies person and not an actual ritual studies/anthro/religious studies person, I tend to deal more in metaphor. I need to own that use of these terms as metaphor.

that’s todays output. I am choosing to see it as productive. LOL

Sidenote: I need to get a Wii. I’m dying to play Epic Mickey…


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