Today’s class/Today’s philosopher

So this morning I got up and the first thing I did was attack Gadamer as though he was an enemy against whom I intended to march and seize. This was also how I approached Heidegger yesterday (reading Being and Time), and I discovered that although Heidegger may be read that way, Gadamer must not be. His discussion of aesthetics moves slowly and engagingly like a dance. I actually enjoyed reading him; a complete shock, I know! He writes about the importance of art. He  questions whether or not art needs justifiation. He quotes Hegel’s assertion that “art is a thing of the past” by which Hegel means that at the end of the age of antiquity art no longer existed simply for its own sake. Isn’t that just a sad state of affairs?

This afternoon I met with Rogelio and his friend, Sylvia. She is preparing to take the US citizenship test but sadly, she speaks very limited English. So the challenge becomes how to help her learn to speak English when the sounds, the very units of the language, don’t really make sense to her as she tries to form them with her mouth. She seems to know quite a bit about government itself, but she is having such issues with the language. I’m trying to figure out what would be the best way to handle helping her better her language. I really dont do ESL. Since I am not fluent in Spanish, it makes it difficult. I think Gloria would be a much better choice. Will have to think about it more.


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